“This Baby is Gonna Listen”- Ep.77


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Episode 77 was just another day in the world of Cup To Cup filled with porn, brackets, tea bagging, and skipping rocks. We had our Florida Man segment, which had a dumb ass professor from Miami, no surprise there. We learned about the porn watching habits of the crew. Trust me you don't wanna know what Kevin is watching.

The time has finally come, ITS BRACKET TIME BABY!! The Best 80s action movie bracket is revealed live to the crew . Find out if Star Wars made the bracket and which movie did the whole crew completely disagree with. We had a ton of voice nuggets and people join in on this episode, including our 7 minutes in Heaven guest Chase Godwin. We chatted about video games, man pong and what the hell his Twitch user name means. Jason gets a lot of shit on This is where we fucked up and Kev gives a dad tip. Enjoy the greatness of 77.


*The Cup to Cup Rundown*

  • Florida Man @ 11 minute

  • Bracket Time @ 16 minute

  • Voice Nugget @ 21 minute

  • Another Voice Nugget @ 29 minute

  • Correct Me if I'm Wrong @ 30 minute

  • 7 Minutes in Heaven @ 37 minute

  • Last Voice Nugget @ 54 minute

  • This is Where We Fucked Up @ 56 minute

  • Dad Tip @ 60 minute

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