Marijuana Categories Aren’t Based in Science, Scientists Staged Bronze-Age Swordfights, and How Clean Are Your Clothes, Really?


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Learn about why the marijuana classifications of indica and sativa aren’t based in science; how clean your washing machine really gets your clothes; and why researchers staged sword fights to learn about the Bronze Age.

Indica and sativa marijuana classifications aren't based in science by Andrea Michelson

How clean are clothes from the washing machine? by Ashley Hamer (Listener question from Kathleen)

Researchers staged sword fights to learn how fighters used their Bronze Age swords by Kelsey Donk

  • ‌Hermann, R., Dolfini, A., Crellin, R. J., Wang, Q., & Uckelmann, M. (2020). Bronze Age Swordsmanship: New Insights from Experiments and Wear Analysis. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

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