25: How to Beat the Advertising Algorithms


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I spoke with Masood Akbarzai in this episode all about data and algorithms, and what brands need to be doing to make them work for their brands, not against them.

It hopefully won’t surprise you to know there is no hack, there’s no single approach that once implemented guarantees success for any business.

It simply doesn’t work like that. Your business, your brand, your product, your audience is different to that of any other business, and so simply copying another method will not work.

You can get the basics by looking at what others are doing, but the absolute key thing is that your adverts resonate with your audience, and they react positively to it.

Masood is a digital marketing specialist with a background in chemical engineering (UMIST) and mathematical modeling — both academia and in industrial operations. He used that as inter transferable prowess into his passion that was the online world as a whole. He has more than 12,000 hrs of experience with social media paid and organic algorithms dissecting and deciphering.

He’s an avid fanatic and expert of reverse-engineering systems to evaluate digital intelligence for businesses and the roadmap for the way to go. He has an overall internet media analysis experience of 16 years, and currently runs an AI driven digital marketing consultancy and agency with the world’s top 1% talent, and technology from around the world.

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