Secrets of a Fast-Growing D2C Brand


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"When things work on [one] brand, don't work on another brand, you at least know you're putting your best foot forward when you are testing or you're building a new site and it gives you a confidence with some foundation"

A low conversion rate makes D2C brands try new things. Trying new things is good; it’s at the heart of growth marketing. You won’t know what works and what doesn’t work for your brand until you try your ideas out.

But every product, every customer, and every product category is different. What works for one brand may not always work for your specific D2C brand. And the challenges are magnified when you are managing a family of multiple D2C brands under the same department.

In episode 85 of the Customers Who Click podcast, we talk to Laur Fiatoa, Director of CRM and DEI Committee Chair at Helix Sleep. Laur manages three different brands under the Helix Sleep umbrella: Helix Sleep, Allform by Helix, and Birch by Helix. She explains how this diversification has helped grow this fantastic and still quite young D2C brand grow fast!

Laur has been in the PR, paid media, and performance marketing roles for over 8 years, and more than 3 of those years have come with Helix Sleep.

You can talk more about D2C marketing or any of the 3 brands under Helix Sleep with Laur on LinkedIn.

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