Outside The Rack #23- Nate Brookreson


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“Sometimes the novelty of changing up who’s delivering the message can sometimes make it even more powerful.” What’s up everybody and welcome the 23rd episode of Outside The Rack brought to you by Kinetic Performance the makers of Gymaware. In this show we are going to try to dive a little deeper into the minds of the top practitioners in the world of sport performance to learn a bit more about who they actually are and how they got to where they are at today. Today we are joined by the Assistant Athletics Director for Strength and Conditioning of Olympic Sports, Nate Brookreson. Nate, thanks for being with us. Before we start, who is Nate Brookreson? I would always say that I’m somebody who got lucky in this industry by aligning myself with great people. 1) Describe a learning situation that brought about an epiphany in your career Get good people around you and leverage their expertise to strengthen your process 2) If you could ask one questions and you know you would get the answer what would that be and why? Is what we are doing actually impacting performance and health of the athlete in their sport? 3) What’s your escape? On the back end of CVASPS we do some camping and fishing trips. Things that change the “pace of life.” We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share. Enjoy the content? Then you should check out The Strength Coach Network! We built The Strength Coach Network to provide you three ways become the best practitioner possible. First, each month we add a new lecture from one of the best practitioners in the world to help keep you and your staff up to date with what the best of the best are doing with their athletes RIGHT NOW! Secondly, the forum provides you a new avenue to connect with practitioners around the world to find a unique point of view from coaches all over the world when it comes to career advice, training ideas, or any aspect of our lives in coaching. Finally, you get exclusive discounts on all products CVASPS related, INCLUDING your seat at The Seminar! When you add those three in with our library of over 100 sensational lectures, including all of those from The Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar, you have found your one stop shop for continuing education for you and your staff. Make sure you hop over today and get your first 48 hours for only $1 by using the link here: https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/ #StrengthCoach, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining, #SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining, #Plyometrics

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