24: Next Stop: HackTown


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We love stories about the Dark Web – and we're apparently not alone in that. This week, we're talking about HackTown, which seems to be Hogwarts for wannabe hackers (just without the...magic). HackTown promises to teach registrants how to become professional cyber criminals in 2020, which is both amusing and intriguing.

The HackTown/Dark Web chat brings us neatly onto REvil, who have deposited $1m in Bitcoin on a Russian-speaking hacker forum to attract new hacker talent to join their criminal activities.

Also featuring this week is HP. A researcher uncovered a severe vulnerability in HP Device Manager – yeah, not that exciting in itself. What is exciting, however, is all the tantrums and drama around the disclosure process that followed. Maybe next time HP will learn to lock the backdoor.




REvil are hiring:


HP forgot to lock the backdoor:


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