27: Incubating Security: Cyber’s Thriving Startup Scene


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Things are a little different chez Cyber Humanity this week, as we're joined by cyber start-up savants, Grace Cassy of Cylon and Rob Newby of Procordr.

We hear about how our guests fell into cybersecurity (always an interesting topic of conversation) and what's being done to produce and nurture more quality security start ups, particularly in the UK and EU. We take a look at the differences between US and UK-founded cyber start ups and the relationship between the public and private sectors in both. What can the government do to encourage innovation in start ups?

Next we hear from Rob about the transition between a cushy full time job and starting up your own company. What does it take to bite the bullet and jump into the unknown like that?

Grace Cassy

Grace co-founded CyLon in 2015, having worked in the UK Diplomatic Service and as an advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair. Read her story here: https://cylonlab.com/our-team/grace-cassy/

Rob Newby

Rob was CISO for SmartDCC, the company responsible for rolling out Smart Meters across the UK, before founding Procordr this year. Read his story here: https://www.procordr.com/about

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