Pesachim 7 - Shabbat November 28, 12 Kislev


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A week of learning is dedicated by Audrey Mondrow for the 7th yahrzeit of her father, Irving "Poppy" Mauskopf Yechezkel Ben Avraham and Rachel z"l "who taught us with his complete emunah, faith, in Hashem: 'Who is rich? One who is content with his lot'. My dad considered himself 'extremely' rich. May his neshama have an aliyah." Today's daf is dedicated by Natalie Taylor in honor of Jordy Hyman, "a wonderful friend, doctor and talmida chachama. Happy birthday!" Why do we nullify the chametz after the bedika and not during the late morning of erev Pesach? We can't nullify it once it is forbidden to eat because it is no longer considered in our possession as we cannot benefit from chametz on Pesach. The gemara brings a source that seems to contradict this premise. What if one finds mouldy bread in a drawer that is used for chametz during the year and matza on Pesach and one cannot tell if it is chametz or matza. If the majority is matza, we follow that. What does that and shouldn't we follow whatever was in the drawer last as we do regarding maaser sheni money? Based on that question, the gemara re-explains the law. What blessing to we make on bedikat chametz? There is a debate regarding the exact language. The gemara brings several questions from other blessings on mitzvot and discusses the idea of making the blessing before one performs the mitzva. Are there exceptions to this rule? From where do we learn that one needs to use a candle for bedikat chametz?

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