Pesachim, Daf 6


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The Daily Daf DifferentlyRabbi Ashira Konigsburg Welcome to the Two Hundred Sixy Fifth episode of Daily Daf Differently. In this episode, Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg looks at Masechet Pesachim Daf 6.

Today we ask the questions of what to do if you come across hametz on pesah, and how to handle searching hametz if you plan to be away for all or part of pesah.

Rabbi Ashira Konigsburg is the Associate Director of Rabbinic Services at the Rabbinical Assembly. She earned an MA in Talmud and Rabbinics and Rabbinic Ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary. She currently serves as a member of the Kehilat Hadar steering team.

The opening and closing music for this podcast is Ufros from The Epichorus album One Bead.

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