Selling Through Disruption With Alan Morton and Stuart Lotherington – Episode 339 of The Action Catalyst Podcast


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How can you continue to perform through disruption, overcome adversity, and focus on the positive? Alan Morton and Stuart Lotherington, of SBR Consulting, focus in on the tools and principles that have helped them live out their core value of finding a way in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Every time you feel you’re on a certain path – look out – because something’s going to come and knock you off that path.”

“Finding a way is one of our core values.”

“Thinking in terms of absolutes never works.”

More About Stuart Lotherington

Stuart Lotherington is one of two Managing Directors of SBR Consulting and has been in the firm for over 13 years. He is still very much involved with his clients having dedicated 30 years to Sales Force Effectiveness. He is often asked to present at conferences all over the world on sales strategy and execution. In his time with SBR he has been engaged in over 250 client projects. They range from Google, Sir Robert McAlpine, Expedia & Facebook to numerous professional services & finance firms.

He has featured in magazines such as Sales Transformation and Directors (IoD) not only for his Sales knowledge but also for his athletic prowess having completed numerous Ironman competitions, Ultra running and cycling events.

Stuart has degrees in Business Studies and Finance and recently completed another in Psychology. Stuart resides in Sevenoaks, Kent and is married with 4 daughters.

More About Alan Morton

Twenty-one years into a sales career that has involved successfully selling in complex environments, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and across Europe, Alan Morton is passionate about continuing to hone and develop the habits of a high performer in himself and in others.

As Managing Director, he works closely with his clients to ensure that they have the right habits, tools and processes to drive revenues, increase productivity and develop high performance sales cultures.

Prior to joining SBR Consulting, Alan Morton spent 14 years working in sales and sales leadership positions and was recognised as a finalist in the National Sales Awards for Sales Trainer of the Year.

Now in his tenth year of working with SBR Consulting he specialises in winning business and designing, delivering and embedding sales and business development programmes within IT, professional services and consulting organisations.

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