The Emerald GamesCast: 'Kid Chameleon: The Podcast' (Episode 42)


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Editor’s Note: With school online due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures being implemented across the country, things will sound a bit different here at the Emerald Podcast Network as we navigate recording from separate physical spaces. We’ve got limited recording technology, so join us as we figure this out. Giant Bomb finds itself under new management, Facebook’s Oculus integration goes terribly, Riot Games takes advantage of Twitter’s unique properties, and AOC sets records on Twitch. All this and more as Janelle, Alex, and Nolan discuss. (Also: the best games of 2013) Here are the news stories they discuss in this episode: Gaming website Giant Bomb is sold from CBS to digital marketing company, Red Ventures Oculus Quest 2’s Facebook integration leaves some users unable to use it New League of Legends champion Seraphine uses mental health as branding AOC’s Twitch stream was one of the highest viewed videos on Twitch -- The Emerald GamesCast is a weekly video game news and discussion podcast from the Emerald Podcast Network with an industry focus. Hosted by three best friends, each episode will provide the listener with a week’s worth of gaming headlines and conversation about current releases. Guests welcome, scripts discouraged and passion essential. Graphic: Regan Nelson/Emerald. Theme music is “Flamingo (Azureflux Remix)” by Kero Kero Bonito (…zureflux_remix), modified under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License ( Multimedia editorJamie Diep edited this podcast.

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