Kagro in the Morning - July 22, 2020


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The long-awaited KITM house band began to take form with today’s in-show delivery of an actual piano, which of course, went as smoothly as expected. Hey, regular listeners to David Waldman expect a little hubbub in the background, as much as they expect Greg Dworkin’s thrice weekly informative cross-talk and polls. No one will be disappointed.

Donald Trump’s new tone is still flat. Only it’s the same old tune, and there’s no encore. Well, Donald wouldn’t mind another duet with Ghislaine Maxwell. (They are kind of soul mates, you know.) But Trump can tell you, COVID-19 is death for ratings, and there is much excitement nobody has yet contemplated that needs to be very strongly addressed in the next two weeks. For instance, federal troops have to be called to end the scourge of uppityness flaring up in Detroit and Chicago, and Ukraine. However, moms know best. And, no one in any town is going to let them touch their mom!

Coronavirus doesn’t care. People have assessed the risk and know to mask it or casket. Winn-Dixie will no longer cater to the stupid customer. Three quarters of voters know the way to go is not the way they are going and plan to do something about it in November (or sooner). Even undecided voters have kind of decided.

Republicans are in disharmonydisarrangement if you will. Kansas Republicans’ hearts just aren’t in it, leaving Democrats to raise money for jerk, grifter, Republican Kris Kobach. In turn, Republicans put time, money and John Kasich to work for Joe Biden. It’s a crazy world.

The two rich old white loons that pointed guns at protesters now have felony charges, and plenty of rich old white loon fans. There is one less misogynistic racist psychopath on earth. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discovered a few things about Ted Yoho’s mental stability.

Real estate salesman Donald Trump hoped to get back on top of the big board with the help of the American ambassador to Britain, but fell a bit short. Republican Steve Watkins can show you three felony charges that prove the existence of voter fraud.

People in Arizona have a worse chance of dying from COVID-19 than anything they could imagine. Eventually a vaccine will appear like a miracle.

Loudoun County, Virginia’s Confederate statue disappeared overnight, after years of effort.

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