Kagro in the Morning - July 23, 2020


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A person, woman, man, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin.

Donald Trump remembered five things once, purportedly, and he’ll never let us forget it. If only more people’s memories were better before 2016, we’d have long forgotten Donald Trump by now. Now, Republicans climb over each other trying to find the way out. Unfortunately, Donald is on the top of that pile, kicking them in the head.

Goon squads fan out across the US. A little “urban security” in just the right swing-state cities and Donald Trump won’t have to “refuse to leave”. Come 2021, Trump will still be there, totally legally, or legally enough. What are you going to do about it, arrest him? Or, arrest his goons, whomever they might be? Why look, there’s head goon Chad Wolf standing right there, breaking the law right now. Slap the cuffs on him, why don’t you? Pick up the goon ahead of him while you’re there. They’re all accomplices, right? You better not miss any, it’s goons from top to bottom. What—are you afraid? Does your mother have to go in there for you? Just look at what Donald Trump can get away with, with only a tiny number of idiots in all of the right places.

On second thought, don’t bug your mom. She has a tough enough time figuring out what to do about school this year. Everyone does. Data shows that coronavirus infections are much higher than the reported cases. Of course, a reason for that is because of the cases not being reported, or mishandled or misinterpreted. You don’t need numbers if you are in the middle of it, though.

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