Kagro in the Morning - July 14, 2020


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The Trump “administration” has left the schools, like everybody else, twisting in the wind, and just winging it with their plans for the fall. Will they be defunded? Or will they get even more funding? Or are they just offering “more funding” so they can take that funding away and call it defunding? Why bother finding out? Let’s just have chaos and burn all our money!

Of course, we could all go back to what we were doing if there was a vaccine. But what if there was a vaccine, but no little glass bottles to put them in? Or what if there was a vaccine and lots of little bottles, but no syringes to inject them with? Don’t sweat it! Trump’s giving the contract to make hundreds of millions of syringes to two companies who don’t make syringes, or have never made anywhere near so many. (Oh, and we still don’t know if there really is immunity to be had, or how long it lasts.)

Trump and paperwork, man! Judge Amy Berman Jackson heard the news about Stone’s commutation of sentence, but she demanded to see the paper. It might (maybe) just do the trick, but of course, it was a little hinky.

Did you lose your job during the COVID-19 pandemic? Ivanka Trump says you should find a new one. Why didn’t we think of that?

SCOTUS rules in favor of allowing states to bind their electors. Does that mean they can bind them to the National Popular Vote Compact? Sure! But because this is SCOTUS… mmmmaybe.

Trump sentences himself to 10 years in prison. (Ten bucks says he screws up his own pardon.)

Joan McCarter dropped by to assure us that all is pretty much as expected. That is, the enhanced Unemployment Insurance program barely keeping people afloat (if that) during the pandemic is set to expire in just 11 days. And Congress isn’t coming back for another five. Meanwhile, that other program meant to keep people afloat isn’t doing the trick, either.

A lot of us are having difficulty keeping ourselves occupied during our social distancing. But not Portland, OR! They’re fully occupied. And soon, hospitals around the country can look forward to the same!

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