Kagro in the Morning - July 16, 2020


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It’s Thursday on KITM, and David Waldman welcomed Greg Dworkin for the third time this week, only to discover in a shocking twist that Greg was always cake.

“Executive underreach” is not the term for what Mike Pence does in Trump staff meetings… it actually describes how demagogic populists like Donald Trump weaken the countries they occupy, in order to strengthen their hold over them. That’s why Trump won’t help even Gop governors—because no one is on Team Trump other than Donald Trump. Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin discovered that Donald Trump is the enemy of democracy, and believes she might have been the first to notice. (She is not.) In fact, Donald has been giving Vladimir Putin the ol’ executive underreach for quite some time now, by pushing the CIA to pass intelligence to Russia that could be used to assassinate Chechen dissidents in Europe, while taking no action as Russia armed the Taliban and trained jihadis in Syria.

Death Star Captain is never the most stable career choice, but Donald Trump’s stubby finger choke hold could only demote Brad Parscale. How does Hope Hicks do it, over and over, again?

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt thought he was King Stitt, trolling Libs without a mask or social distancing, but he was a just another stupid Stitt at Trump’s Tulsa rally, and a lazy Stitt at that, who would rather pull a trigger than put effort and responsibility into protecting his family. A few more rallies and there should be no more Stitts to give.

Today we turn our Bibles to 2 Kings 5, and we share the good news on how to protect our families and care for others.

America knows what to do about coronavirus, but is failing to do it. Hospitals in Texas, Arizona and Florida are filling up to capacity. Almost one-third of Florida children have tested positive for the coronavirus. Even California has let infections slip upward. The White House plans to kill the messenger, which may or may not really work, but it should give some lunatics a foothold.

Have you noticed that Donald Trump doesn’t spread out the electoral map for everyone to gaze upon, anymore? In fact, Trump’s setting records for bad news polling in just about every category. Republicans are even embarrassed to be Republicans anymore. Joe Biden’s polls have passed 50% as Joe opens up an 11 point national lead, 14 points with seniors! But you know what? It would be so much like Trump to just win anyhow, just to troll everybody… So, keep up the effort, and find ways to add to the lead. Don’t pretend you’re 10 points down, run like you are in the final sprint for a win.

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