Kagro in the Morning - July 17, 2020


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What can David Waldman tell you that you don’t know already? Let’s find out!

Government Secret Police kidnap citizens in Portland, Oregon, thus hindering the regular police activity of indiscriminate brutality… or probably enhancing it. In fact, there are so many boogaloo army wannabes flooding the area, that “graffiti vandals” had to be upgraded to “antifa soldiers” just to meet the demand.

Then there’s COVID-19... or not, as it is becoming illegal to know such things anymore. Gimmetarian game show host Chuck Woolery found out the hard way… which is the only way he’d ever learn. Florida’s emergency operations center dies from COVID. Governor Brian Kemp wrests Georgian’s life jackets away and throws victims overboard. Almost 40% of Americans are stupid enough to trust Donald Trump on the pandemic.

It’s no mystery—COVID-19 is not the flu, and kids are catching it. A second strain might be more infectious, but that might not matter. Russians are in such a hurry for a vaccine, they aren’t waiting for Donald trump to slip them a copy.

Justin Amash was so sick of Republicans, that quitting the party wasn’t enough for him. How many felonies does Kansas Representative Steve Watkins have to commit before people will see the threat of voter fraud?

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