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Day 2 Wisdom of Nawal Beey
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Over View of Today’s Perceptions and Experiences

Overview-Life as a Container for the Light of Love

As you look around the room right now, notice what you see, and what you experience with the different objects in the room. Are you able to see any aspects of nature outside the room?

Realizing that every object, both within this room, and within nature, is a container for the light of love-the light of wisdom to flow through it.

The room that you are in can be as sacred as the most sacred space on the earth because of your light and the light of wisdom and the light of love that you are asking to come through the walls, the ceiling, the floors, and the objects in your room.

When you are out in Nature, do you see every object of nature as a container for the living light of wisdom, of the living light of love?

Do you see the experiences that you listen to on the news, or read in the newspaper, as a container for the living light of wisdom, of the living light of love?

When you hear people talking about different experiences in their lives both locally and internationally, do you see this as a potential container for the living light of wisdom, of the living light of love? Every experience we have with the news holds the potential for the light of wisdom to manifest. When you run into a problem or have an accident or forget something or lose something, or you are late for something do you look at that and know it also holds the potential for the light of wisdom and the light of love to come through those experiences within you?

You have a choice to be aware of the empowering nature that exists within you as a Gaian being. You are a person that holds the keys in having a quality of life through the petitioning of your collaborative relationship with the invisible forces. You are ready and capable right now to let wisdom enter into any and all experiences of life!

Throughout this twenty days cycle of the Daily Nawal Wisdom, I would like you to begin to realize the potential of your empowering nature that is alive within your core. So when you make a mistake, or you have a battle or a fight with someone personally, you have the option to be in reactivity or you have the option to be centered within yourself into the core of your light and into the living light of all objects around you. You can petition the light of wisdom to collaborate with you and allow the emergence of more light to enter into the place you are. To allow the emergence of more light to enter into the place of the event you are involved with. To allow the emergence of more light to enter into a place within yourself and the people you are involved with.

When you are overwhelmed with the news or a particular encounter your are having, you can allow the emergence of more light to enter into this situation also through your collaborative relationship with the invisible realms.

When you loose your keys or misplace something, or are having a struggle with something within your inner thoughts, you can go reactive and create a dialog in your head that becomes so self abusive of yourself or other people that you put blame, and shame, and guilt, and judgement onto yourself or others for whatever they are doing or saying.

Through our collaborative relationships with the invisible realms, we have a free will choice to manifest a life of reactivity or a life of potential and possibilities!

Cultivating Gratitude through the Wisdom of Nawal Beey

I am open to receive the presence of Gratitude, so I may live with the presence of Wisdom allowing my inner destiny to emerge. I feel the Gratitude of Wisdom flowing through my brain and nervous system.

Supplement to Daily Nawal Beey

Cultivating the Daily Nawal Wisdom

Nawal Beey carries the Wisdom of the white path or the White Road. The White Road brings forth the form and shape of one’s inner destiny to manifest. One’s nervous system is formed to carry this wisdom energy of the White Road throughout your body. The Heart of Sky dreams our vision and our ability to complete this road or journey of our spiritual life, with great success.

In-Depth Information about the Wisdom of Nawal Beey

Nawal Beey establishes the forces of dreaming the new story. Dreaming the new energy for the wisdom that holds all possibilities. Dreaming a new path. Dreaming a new way. Dreaming a new life to emerge. All energy for Dreaming is released from the Heart of the World that holds within her consciousness the wisdom for all that is possible that can manifest upon the earth.

This Dreaming Presence calls forth the group of forces that will come together and pull their collective energies together focusing upon the intentions and petitions that the ritual communicators and what you think, feel, and believe is possible to manifest within your own life.

If the attributes of blame, shame, guilt, judgment, comparisons, the need to understand, along with anger, fear, and doubts predominate your day-to-day life, these energies will greatly influence the Dreaming Forces. Whatever it is that you live from as your primary emotional state is the energy that the forces of dreaming will attach themselves to as your true or real intention.

The Tz’utujil force of Rei Pascal can perceive and experience your inner felt-sense of your heart. This force knows the wisdom of your heart and the wisdom of the Heart of the World.

Rei Pascal brings these two forces together along with the angel or mediator forces from Paq’alib’al. These mediator forces are those of the lunar light, the solar light, the forces within all water, the forces that hold and is the carrier of all Wisdom, and the mediator force for good medicine in all of it various forms.

Nawal Beey brings these various forces together at the place of the Heart of Sky. The energy of the one that dreams, the energy of the one of ideas, and the energy of the one of new vision and possibilities all come together. These forces are joined with the scribe that brings together your words, images, and feelings. As Rilaj Mam and Maria Kastelyaan are weaved together, this flow of energy is called the heart of everything
This energy comes together as Nawal Beey establishes the Place of Dreaming. This becomes the inner felt-sense of the new wisdom of the possible for you. This emerges in the realms of dreaming.

Nawal Beey, establishes the formation of our nervous system as the pathway to carry these dreaming forces of the new wisdom of the possible within our body. This nervous system carries the communication upon what the new wisdom of the possible can be. This communication is expressed throughout our outer five-sensory body, our mind, our emotions, our feelings, along with the emergence of the various attitudes and beliefs that support our eventual emergence into the interconnectivity behind the heart of everything. This collective force is established as the nervous system of the living universe, and the nervous system of the heart of Paq’alib’al. These same groups of forces are associated with the nervous system within our physical body.

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