September 12, 2019 - Daily News Brief


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*)Report on UK leaving EU without deal casts a dark shadow The UK could face food and medicine shortages, as well as public disorder, if it leaves the EU without a deal. This was the warning made in a newly released government document outlining the worst-case scenario of a no-deal Brexit. The release of the Yellowhammer report comes after a Scottish court ruled PM Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament was unlawful. *)Trump gets big immigration policy win US Supreme Court handed Donald Trump a decisive win over his policy on illegal immigration. The court ruled that people coming to the US must claim asylum before arriving at the border. Legal challenges against the decision continue, but the ruling can now be enforced nationwide. *)UN report slams US, Syrian and Russia air raids in Syria Air strikes carried out by the US-led coalition, the Assad regime and Russia in Syria may amount to war crimes, according to the UN. In a new report, the UN highlights how hostilities forced mass migration and raised the number of displaced Syrians to about 13 million. *)2,500 still missing in Bahamas Emergency services in the Bahamas say around 2,500 people are still missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Dorian slammed into the island nation more than a week ago, killing at least 50. Rescue teams say more than 5,500 people were evacuated from Grand Bahama and Abaco islands. *)New planet discovery could mean we’re not alone And finally, To infinity and beyond! Scientists have discovered a new habitable planet beyond the solar system. The planet, called K2-18B, has water in its atmosphere and could be home to alien life. But the planet is about 111 light-years away from earth, so we probably won’t be going there anytime soon.

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