Episode 184: Luke Hogan


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Luke Hogan is a Portland, Oregon based singer songwriter. I chatted with Luke about carpentry, how he got into music, building the studio that he recorded his new record in, and songwriting process. To keep up with Luke Hogan and the Dan Cable Presents Podcast, please check out the links below. Track Listing: "Windowpane" "Sunset Seven" "Razorwire" www.dancablepresents.com wwwhttps://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=Lkry&hsimp=yhs-SF01&ts=sy&type=ANYS_A0JKL_ext_bsf&obt9bpdyed=0&p=luke+hogan+music¶m1=na3P9yVrJGqvPvD7ygO8wfZTCSf8OzPVB2lvC8ecHQrcjfoWlROrueG2VguqMRL7JeUx1AATtlP6skTjoMC8B1rVecpqZZJSKprtCTKhAKDld_-V_F9_4pP9y6VvgSl0oGYaDJNBbgiQbRuThYhzeMTPGY1q8UyN9ssRs5oMW5fu0ec_AWu7cLd43g55Wh9R9N6WWKSxJi3tEQBmRxFhXGrc8KONZp21RFIv9Ql7L1cQac%2c Instagram: @lukehoganmusic @dancablepresents

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