Episode 194: Best of 2019


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On this episode of the podcast I highlight 5 of my favorite episodes of the podcast from 2019. It features clips and music from the following: Episode 148: Stoner Control Episode 171: The Rad Trads Episode 180: Your Smith Episode 168: Sir Nai Episode 181: Soft Kill To keep up with all of these artists and the Dan Cable Presents Podcast, please check out the links and instagram handles below. Track Listing: Stoner Control - "Open My Heart" The Rad Trads - "My Place" Your Smith - "Debbie" Sir Nai - "Adapt" Soft Kill - "Tin Foil Drip" Soft Kill - "Cry Now, Cry Later" Websites: https://stonercontrol.bandcamp.com http://www.theradtrads.com http://yoursmithforever.com https://sirnainoa.bandcamp.com https://anopendoor.bandcamp.com www.dancablepresents.com Instagram: @stoner_control @theradtrads @yoursmith @sirnai_ @softkillpdx @dancablepresents

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