Lust, Greed and Anger: The Slaying of Gang Yuan


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Episode 145: This episode contains disturbing and graphic details of the 2015 murder of Chinese millionaire, Gang Yuan, in West Vancouver at the hands of his soft-spoken cousin Li Zhao. The crime’s unthinkable and twisted aftermath is horrendous.
Pre-Trial Voire Dire
R. v Zhao, 2020 BCSC 1322 (CanLII), <>
BC v. Child 3, 2019 BCCA 171 (CanLII), <>
Mother 1 v Solus Trust , 2019 BCSC 200 (CanLII), <>
963 King Georges Way, West Vancouver | Dana Inman -
961 King Georges Way - Real Estate tour video (renumbered address)
961 King Georges Way - Realtor Listing
3333 The Crescent
Pym Island
NY Times Article
National Post Article 2014
HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls - Wikipedia
HBICtv: YouTube
GlobalNews - Conviction Article

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