George Eliot's Radicals


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At Dash Arts, we are in the process of developing our brand new production The Great Middlemarch Mystery, a site-specific production in Coventry based on writer George Eliot’s classic Middlemarch, one of the greatest novels written in the English language.

In this episode we return to our February Dash Café on George Eliot, hosted at Warwick Arts Centre by Artistic Director Josephine Burton with collaborator Professor Ruth Livesey and guests Martina Hall, producer of 2019 BBC Arena documentary Everything Is Connected – George Eliot’s Life, artist Redell Olsen, and writer Anna Lawrence, with an update from Josephine and Ruth on how our production was born and how it’s progressed since this event.

We explore what happened when Europe and Middle England’s philosophies and ideas met, how Eliot brought this to life in her novels, and why her radical work is still important today.

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