Songs of the Migrant Worker


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The Dash Arts Podcast is back! In this episode we look at the treatment of invited guest workers (Germany’s ‘Gastarbeiter’), economic migrants and relocating members of the British Empire.

Through music and poetry, we examine the similarities and differences between the UK’s Windrush scandal and Germany’s treatment of Turkish ‘gastarbeiter’ and the huge cultural legacy by these migrant workers.

Hosted by Artistic Director Josephine Burton, we were joined by poet Hannah Lowe, Artistic Director of ‘WINDRUSH70 - Brent’s Pioneering Windrush Generation’ Zerritha Brown, German-Turkish novelist Imran Ayata and artist, director and composer Bülent Kullukçu, co-curators of ‘Songs of Gastarbeiter Vol. 1’, which features music by guest workers and pays tribute to the cultural contribution made by the first wave of migrants to Germany.

Thanks to support from the Goethe Institute and to Rich Mix London for hosting the original event.

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