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We have Tamara Munzner from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and Robert Kosara from Tableau Research on the show to go through some of our personal highlights from the IEEE Visualization Conference 2019. We talk about some of the co-located events, some of the technical papers and major trends observed this year. Make sure to take a look at the links below, there is a lot of material! And especially the videos. There are quite a few that have been posted online this year.

Enjoy the show!

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Main IEEE VIS conference website

Infovis X Vision science
Mentioned speakers: Timothy Brady, Darko Odic, Jeremy Wolfe

Visualization for Communication workshop: VisComm

BioVis@Vis workshop
Mentioned speakers: Martin Karpefors, Sean Hanlon, Erin Pleasance

Visualization in Data Science
Mentioned speakers: Been Kim, Google Brain, Andrew Gelman, Jenny Bryan

Technical Papers – The Test of Time

Jark J. van Wijk et al.: Cluster and Calendar based Visualization of Time Series Data

Tamara Munzner: A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation

Reflections and provocations

Miriah Meyer, Jason Dykes: Criteria for Rigor in Visualization Design Study
Paper / Video

Arvind Satyanarayan et al.: Critical Reflections on Visualization Authoring Systems

Jagoda Walny et al.: Data Changes Everything: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Design Handoff

Evanthia Dimara, Charles Perin: What is Interaction for Data Visualization?

Visual perception and cognition
Robert Kosara: Evidence for Area as the Primary Visual Cue in Pie Charts

Jessica Hullman: Why Authors Don’t Visualize Uncertainty

Cindy Xiong et al.: Biased Average Position Estimates in Line and Bar Graphs: Underestimation, Overestimation, and Perceptual Pull

Visualisation for machine learning

The What-If Tool

Àngel Alexander Cabrera: FairVis: Visual Analytics for Discovering Intersectional Bias in Machine Learning

Yongsu Ahn: FairSight: Visual Analytics for Fairness in Decision Making

New visualisation techniques

Bryce Morrow et al.: Periphery Plots for Contextualizing Heterogeneous Time-Based Charts

Alex Bigelow: Origraph: Interactive Network Wrangling

Zipeng Liu: Aggregated Dendrograms for Visual Comparison Between Many Phylogenetic Trees

Vis in Practice

Capstone Adress by Johanna Drucker

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4. Today's topic: a recap of the IEEE Vis '19 conference (00:02:27)

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14. New visualisation techniques (00:48:32)

15. Major trends - What was remarkable this year? (00:50:26)

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