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We have digital artist Nicholas Rougeux on the show to talk about his beautiful data art projects and the processes he follows. Nicholas created numerous iconic pieces with an extraordinary attention to details, such as “Seeing Music”, where he visualizes musical scores from famous composers, “Byrne’s Euclid”, a reproduction of Oliver Byrne’s geometric illustrations of Euclid’s theorem, and “Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants”, a digital reproduction and restoration of Elizabeth Twining’s catalog of botanical illustrations.

On the show we talk about how he gets inspiration for his projects, details about specific projects like those mentioned above, and technical details of how he actually produces these magical pieces of art.

Enjoy the show!



1. Welcome to Data Stories (00:00:32)

2. Our podcast is listener-supported, please consider making a contribution (00:01:05)

3. Our guest today: Nicholas Rougeux (00:01:33)

4. The wide cosmos of Nicholas' projects: Off the Staff (00:05:05)

5. Nicholas' magic approach: Between the words - Getting inspiration for new projects (00:12:24)

6. Re-creating a cosmos: Natural Orders of Plants - Nicholas' reproductions of historical books (00:15:17)

7. Sweating the details: Byrne's Euclid - the little decisions that matter (00:21:02)

8. "I know just enough code to break things": Nicholas' toolbox (00:31:08)

9. Get in touch with us and support us on Patreon (00:37:55)

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