Episode 091: Doctrine of Exceptionalism


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In Doctrine of Exceptionalism, Matt and Scad finally see Jaehaerys mount the throne (among other things) as he reaches the age of majority, and changes, they are a’comin. Also in this episode, Rogar commits treason (or does he), Rhaena causes trouble (on both coasts), we get some new arrivals to the Targaryen family tree, and the crown continues its constant negotiation with the Faith regarding incestuous marriage.

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In this episode we’re continuing our coverage of the rule of Jaehaerys and Alysanne Targaryen. The selection we will cover in this episode can be found in FIRE AND BLOOD: “A Surfeit of Rulers” (pg. 161) through “Birth, Death, and Betrayal under King Jaehaerys I” (pg. 206). All of these Chapter Headings and Page Number designations, of course, coming from the beautiful Fire and Blood hardcover.

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