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The guys from - Kim Grinolds, Chris Fetters, and Scott Eklund - have barely come up for air after it was announced that Washington would host Utah Saturday night instead of preparing for the 113th Apple Cup. But there's so much to talk about, we had to get it down on tape!

First, there's Wednesday's crazy AWS outage, which affected 247Sports, as well as dozens of other big companies, so apologies for that. Outages are never fun or come at a good time, but hopefully, the worst is behind us.

But what a crazy 72 hours it's been. First, the announcement that there would be no Apple Cup. Then, talk of Washington approaching BYU for a game, then talk of BYU saying no. Then BYU coming back, saying they would agree to a game only if it was played in Provo and the Huskies couldn't back out. The stakes in this mini-game of brinksmanship were exacerbated by BYU's claim they would play 'any team, any time, any place'. Well, that was clearly nonsense.

Then came word that San Diego State had an opening for this weekend because their game with Fresno State fell through. So was a game with the Aztecs a possibility?

UW Head Coach Jimmy Lake said, at one point, he had four depth charts in front of him (my guess is BYU, SDSU, Utah, and Colorado, but I doubt we will ever know), wondering who the Huskies would end up playing. He bet on Utah, so the team practiced for a potential game with the Utes on Tuesday. And, he was right.

The Dawgman guys also talked about Lake's decision to empty his bench in the fourth quarter of their win over Arizona last weekend when the game was already well out of reach for the Wildcats.

Talk then turned to opinions of John Donovan's pro-style, multiple attack after two games, what has worked well, and what continues to need work.

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