Dayton Youth Radio Presents Teens In Quarantine: Timmy Lien and Blake Leach


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In this final installment of Dayton Youth Radio's Teens In Quarantine miniseries, Fairmont High School students Blake Leach and Timmy Lien talk about life during the coronavirus pandemic. Timmy Lien The work online is definitely more reasonable than in class, which I am thankful for. But when I'm done, there is not really anything else to do. I cook sometimes, I can follow recipe, but my diet hasn't really changed since the lockdown. The only contact I get is mostly just my cat Blitzen. So I'm either playing with him or playing video games with the boys. I'm Timmy Lin, I'm 17 and live in Kettering. I live with my mom half the time and dad the other half. My dad Eric is a mailman, and my mom Sherry is a stay at home mom. I have two sisters, Hannah, who's 22, and Natalie, she's twenty three. I'm worried about my dad and sister, Hannah, who are mail carriers, and as you know, they work outside and visit a good amount of homes a day. I don't see much of them anymore since Natalie got

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