Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning | April 26th, 2020 | Chris Hemsworth, singer John Vincent, Kim Jong-un rumors


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Dean starts the morning off by remembering old remedies for colds with Dave Schwan and Andy Masur, and features a couple of the highlights of last night’s Saturday Night Live.

Dean talks with Karl Friedhoff, Fellow in Public Opinion and Asia Policy at Chicago Council on Global Affairs, about the rumors surrounding the health of Kim Jong-un. Friedhoff discusses the possibilities and rumors and how they could all play out. (25:20)

You know John Vincent as the National Anthem singer at Cubs games, but now he’s acting as, what Dean calls, a “portable music show.” Vincent has been traveling around Chicago neighborhoods singing and performing on the street for the quarantined. Vincent talks about his OCD and how he’s fighting his fears of coronavirus to help the greater good and spread some cheer through music. (57:54)

Are things getting better? Should you go to the hospital for non-coronavirus needs? Doctor Kevin Most is the Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital and joins Dean Richards’ Sunday Morning to answer your questions and give you an update on the latest COVID-19 news. (1:24:26)

Dean sat down with actor Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave via a Zoom call to talk about their Netflix film, Extraction. In his first A-List interview in a while, Dean talks with Hemsworth about his life in quarantine and being kid’s teacher. Plus, Hemsworth and Hargrave discuss the physicality and pain that went into shooting the film. (1:53:38)

From vegetarian pastas with roasted veggies and pine nuts to the comfort foods like of his 5-ingredient Orange Chocolate Mousse, Dean Richards’ talks about his latest and upcoming recipes he cooks up on WGN-TV. Listen below to hear Dean talk about his latest recipes and visit for the full recipes. (2:04:29)

Christie Morrison is the senior editor of special projects at America’s Test Kitchen. She joins the show to discuss America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School and new book, ‘Bowls.’ Visit their website for a large collection of recipes and to check out their new book. (2:18:53)

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