Episode 148: Clarastravaganza and/or Clarathon Part I


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Our long-awaited (by us, anyway) deep dive into Clara Oswald begins! We take a look at a pair of stories from Series 7B, when Clara was more a mystery than a character and the 11th Doctor was kind of... is awful too strong a word? In "Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS," at least, 'awful' doesn't feel unjustified, as he's on his very worst behavior there. But anyway, we take a look at that and "The Rings Of Akhaten" to see what we can find in Clara's early days. There's a leaf, we can say that much. Also an all-time great costume. We're sure there are other things as well. Nah, we kid, there's some good stuff in these episodes... kinda. Credit for the bit at the very end of the episode goes to OdinNorse7 on YouTube.

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