#74. Zain Velji Returns!


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Zain Velji returns! We speak about Political Strategy broadly, Trump's Tulsa Oklahoma rally, voter suppression and voter fraud, Gerrymandering, Electoral Reform, 'Covid as Cloud Cover' for politicians, getting involved local and state politics in today's world, Biden's ultimate strategy for beating Trump in November and more.
Zain is a political strategist specializing in campaign strategy, grassroots advocacy and behavioural economics. Zain is the co-creator and host of the highly-rated political podcast, The Strategists which dissects the strategies of political campaigns, parties and governments.
Zain brings more than a decade of public policy, political strategy and technology experience, while holding senior positions on several political campaigns in Canada and in the United States, while also working on the campaigns of Naheed Nenshi, the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns and the 2012 campaign of US Senator Elizabeth Warren.
The new podcast 'You the People' with a more US focused approach also featuring The Strategists Corey Hogan and Stephen Carter comes to all podcast platforms soon.
Zain's Twitter: @ZainVelji The Strategists Podcaster Twitter: @strategistspod

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