Changing behaviour with Cindy Gray and Shahroo Izadi


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Old habits die hard, and never does the saying seem more apt than at this time of the year, when many of us start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions, and try to adopt a “new year, new me” mentality, in order to make positive changes to our health. As GPs, discussions around lowering alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, and becoming more active are commonplace in our consultations. However, how can we have meaningful conversations with our patients around “kicking the habit”, and help them to make lasting changes? Where do we draw the line between self-care and self-harm, and how can we introduce better self-care rituals for our physical & mental health? Our guests: Cindy Gray is an interdisciplinary professor of Health and Behaviour at Glasgow University’s Institute of Health and Wellbeing.

Shahroo Izadi is a behavioural change specialist, and author of ‘The Kindness Method: Changing Habits for Good’.

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