Does Race Play a Factor in Business Value and the Salability of a Company?


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Does race play a factor in business value and the salability of a company? You wouldn't think that it would, there is empirical data and anecdotal rationale as to why a gap in value exists between black and white businesses. After my conversation, it seems not for the reasons you might guess. It is because of history, education, and the lack of access to capital and my guest today and I talk about it. Jamar Cobb-Dennard permitted me to ask all of the questions a middle-age white guy would want to ask about how to be a better leader to get opportunity and capital to this underserved entrepreneurial population. After all of these episodes, there are two pillars of business value according to the guests: How to get that business owner out from running the day to day business and employees. And in this case, how to make your diverse workforce work better together so that it increases employee satisfaction which translates into higher value and salability? Jamar, the community leader he is, shared his webinar "Bye Bye Business-Bias" that he is providing to serve as the catalyst to start or further conversations.

I hope you enjoy my episode with my friend and colleague, Jamar Cobb-Dennard!


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