Josh Brown - What Makes a Franchise Valuable?


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In this week’s episode, Ed had the opportunity to interview his long term referral partner, Josh Brown. Josh is, in the world of franchising, a pool of knowledge. If you are a franchisee or franchisor or planning to become one, you will definitely benefit from this conversation about the franchise world. Enjoy!

1:12 - Who is Josh Brown

2:33 - Franchising Versus Non-franchising: Which Is More Stable

5:30 - HealthCare and the So Many Franchisors

8:30 - Good Marketing And Bad Operations

10:00 - Franchising: Lifestyle or Legacy

13:56 - Independent Operation and Number of Units

16:51 - Breach of Contract and Cross Default Provision

18:50 - Where is the Value in Franchising Housed

26:25 - How to Know if a Business is a Good Candidate for Franchise

30:10 - Private Equity Groups

36:26 - Availability of Right Space and Location

42:15 - When to Contact Josh Brown

44:12 - Josh’s Advice that Would Impact Business Value

45:43 - The Employee Challenge is Real

48:04 - Connect with Josh Brown

Who is Josh Brown

Josh Brown is a franchise lawyer who has been in practice for almost 14 years with about 10 years in the franchise space. He is based in Indiana but does franchise work all over the country.

About six years ago, Josh started his weekly franchise podcast called Franchise Euphoria. It is a platform where franchisors and franchisees from all over the world can share their stories, their challenges, and the obstacles they’ve overcome, all to provide good and free valuable information for people who are in and around franchising.

The combination of his law practice, managing the podcast, and everything else is what keeps Josh busy.

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