The Pandemic Impact on Real Estate and Business Valuations with Sam Smith


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Ed fields a lot of calls from business owners that own real estate and they want to know, what do we do here? What's the effect of this pandemic on our real estate? Are we going to be able to sell it at fair market value? What does the future look like? What does the buyer have to look like in order to buy it in an environment like this? Ed contacted one of his buddies in the commercial real estate industry,

Sam Smith of Resource Commercial Real Estate, and had a visit about what real estate look like today. Sam is the chairman and co-founder of Resource and leads the company occupier services. Sam handles all the sensitive renewal negotiations achieving multimillion-dollar client occupancy cost savings. He conducts National Site Searches, prepares sophisticated market analysis, assemblages and manages the team consultants, evaluates alternatives, and negotiates favorable and significant economic development incentives. Sam constantly uses proven processes, superior market knowledge, and strong negotiation skills to help clients achieve below market and flexible lease purchase terms, and attractive functional and efficient space that enhance employee productivity and shareholder value. All that means is that, if there's one guy in this community that you go to for commercial real estate, it's Sam.

Enjoy this conversation with Sam Smith!


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