Resistance, Revolution, Democracy


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When there are no choices left, people resist. Resistance brings revolution. And sometimes a revolution brings about democracy. Over the next three weeks the Democracy Paradox will interview scholars to explore these topics. Erica Chenoweth will discuss Civil Resistance. George Lawson explains his research on Revolutions. And Jonathan Pinckney helps us understand the transformation from dissent to democracy. This three episode arc is called Resistance, Revolution, Democracy. The first is available September 16th. Available on the Democracy Paradox podcast. Subscribe today.
September 16th - Erica Chenoweth, author of the forthcoming Civil Resistance: What Everyone Needs to Know
September 22nd - George Lawson author of Anatomies of Revolution
September 28th - Jonathan Pinckney author of From Dissent to Democracy
You can learn more about different ideas about democracy and other political thought at This three episode arc is a part of the first season of the Democracy Paradox podcast.

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