6Q w/Cam Smith, co host of SpyHards and Subspace Transmissions


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Where to find Cam Smith
@spyhards on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
@camvsmith on Twitter

4:45 When did you know you wanted to get into podcasting?
The Ups and Downs of ‘07 podcasting
Another Star Trek podcast?
Spyhards Origins
Spyhards Sneak Peak
Family Spy Movies

10:14 What do you wish you had known when you had started out?
Stick to a schedule
Co Host Workload
Struggles of early podcasting
Tips for a Great Podcast
The Importance of the NOC List

17:50 What gets you through the tough times?
Podcast as an Outlet
Comfort in Film
Constant Improvement
How movies help

22:19 What are you curious about?
Movies! Even ones he doesn’t like
25:26 What should I ask you that I didn’t know enough to ask?

Cam does more than watch movies?
Surprising bullwhip inspiration
Cam’s unreleased album
30:56 If you could create a new holiday what would it commemorate?
Holiday Movie Pitch
James Bond Day
Cam makes his case

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