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REPOST - Original episode released Aug 7, 2018.

Given the current state of our country, we felt it was necessary to bring back this very powerful and moving episode with Black Lives Matter Greater New York Founder, Hawk Newsome. It is so important for us all to educate ourselves and use our voices during this time and our hope is that this episode with Hawk can be a helpful resource to our community.

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We are honored to have activist and founder of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, Hawk Newsome, is with us this week on DENtalks. He’s been called the next Martin Luther King Jr. as he is determined to lead the Black Lives Matter movement with love. Hawk has dedicated his adult life to the betterment of his community and our nation as a whole by bringing justice to an unjust system. Prior to founding Black Lives Matter Greater New York, he was a member of Justice League NYC. Not only has he helped victims of police brutality, he works with members of LGBT community, and victims of human trafficking. Over the past few years, he has worked tirelessly seeking justice for the families of those slain by police officers. He’s a Christian and he leans neither right nor left, instead he chooses to follow his heart and leads with love, compassion and kindness. Hawk sheds light on subjects some find difficult to discuss, including white privilege and his own anger. He is starting the necessary dialogue for change, and shows us how we all need to live through love.

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