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We've decided this week to reboot another one of our favorite episodes with a an incredibly influential voice right now, Lalah Delia.

Today we have spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, a vibrational based–living online community and mentoring program, Lalah Delia on DENtalks Podcast! Lalah opens up and shares her story of making a conscious shift from showing up without power in relationships to breaking out of the cycle of abuse. Once she realized that she needed to have her own needs met before she could share herself with others, then, and only then, could she take a step on the ladder toward self-actualization. Her fascinating journey reminds us of our shared humanity as so many of us struggle to recognize our own self worth or have the courage to stand in our power. She also beautifully reminds us that everything is energy, and how important it is to pay attention to our bodys lower and higher energy. Her personal practice speaks from her heart; she leaves us with an inspirational quotation from her book. Don’t miss Lalah’s amazing journey back to herself.

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