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We feel so fortunate to have Founder of Lunch On Me, LaRayia Gaston, back on DENtalks Podcast for our COVID-19 Perspective Series. LaRayia is a dear friend of DENtalks Podcast, if you haven’t listened to her solo episode which was #19,, please do yourself a favor and go back and listen to it. She has changed the perspective of all of us here at DENtalks forever and we know it will impact you equally. In this episode, we dive into how she is seeing COVID-19 affect the homeless community or “our street family” as LaRayia says, and it is not good. LaRayia shares that she has seen more kids in skid row and more people who aren’t necessarily homeless or who were homeless before coming to their feedings. She also shares that she sees a bigger issue at play here - how as humans this kind of separation is not what we’re accustomed to, how taxing this isolation is on people’s mental health, how there are many people struggling / dealing with more than just COVID-19 right now, how many non-profits aren’t working right now so the community’s minimum needs aren’t being met, and the overall sadness she feels and sees throughout Skid Row. This episode shines a light onto some of the deeper issues coming out of this pandemic, but LaRayia also has a way of bringing positivity to these hard times. She stresses the importance of letting go of some of the heaviness and how we need laughter and joy more than ever right now. She is a true ray of light!! There are many ways we can all help you - we’ve listed a few that LaRayia mentions in this episode. Anything and everything counts!

LaRayia’s Bodega Address - 2713 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057


  • Donate or make masks and bring them to LaRayia’s Bodega
  • Donate to their free meal Friday’s
  • Donate bars of soap
  • Donate anything to help them serve to go meals (boxes, cutlery, etc)
  • Donate water bottles
  • Donate money - or venmo @lunchonme

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