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For our last episode of our COVID-19: Perspective Series, we invited Nurse Akal to join us. Akal is a seasoned yoga practitioner, kundalini instructor and mother of two, who literally understands what it means to have balance. Like most of us, she reached a point in her career when she began to have doubts. She yearned for more, perhaps a life of yoga and world travel. Fortunately for us, Akal had the courage to bloom right where she is planted, which happened to coincide with one of our most unique and challenging times in world history. As we speak, Akal is working as a nurse on the front lines helping Covid-19 patients during their time of need, and like many healthcare professionals, this pandemic has given her a renewed sense of purpose. This shift from doubt to certainty has confirmed that she is exactly where she is supposed to be: in the role of what she now calls “service leadership.” Join us to hear more of this modern-day hero’s story.

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