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Includes a Womb Healing Meditation

We’re so excited to have Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of Gaia Collective and Moonbox, Paula Pavlova, on DENtalks Podcast! Paula is a long time friend of The DEN and it was so fun to have her on the podcast while she was in town. Paula was on a mission to figure out what was going on with her body, after countless failed doctor visits and failed attempts to figure out “the problem,” she ended up self diagnosing with Endometriosis. Finally having a diagnosis was only the first step in her long but impactful journey toward healing. She shares about her experiences with both Eastern and Western doctors and techniques, the traps she felt she put herself into spiritually, how important it is for women to know pain while menstruating is NOT normal, how we hold trauma in the body, the awareness we all must have when it comes to numbing ourselves from our emotions, and the importance of fully feeling and processing painful experiences.

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