Ria Ray - I Lost Everything in One Day


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Includes a Breath meditation.

We are very excited to welcome our dear friend, Ria Ray to this week’s episode of DENtalks Podcast! Ria Ray is an artist, spiritual healer, and clairvoyant. She discovered her gift after a tragic accident took her family in 1997 and she was forced to look within to find healing and greater purpose in her life. We talk about the first time she discovered her abilities when she inhabited the body of another person and took on all their insecurity and doubt, how that transfer of energy and empathy happens and who is more open and susceptible to it. Since Ria believes we all have the ability to heal should we choose to cultivate it, we’ll also talk about how to work on your own self love and healing, what you should look for in a potential spiritual teacher and how they might not be who you expect, as well as following your destiny should you feel called to heal others. This episode will provide a lot of insight on how to recover and even thrive after experiencing tragedy in your life. Ria will then lead us into a breath meditation at the end of the episode to help shift your energy to become more present and let go of whatever isn’t serving you.

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