A 'Cheap Therapy' session with Ezra Jordan


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Soul-rich Canadian R&B alt-pop artist Ezra Jordan has recently released his debut EP 'Cheap Therapy', and the new album is exactly that, as it was created and inspired by the falling out of a relationship and the positive growth that was driven from that moment. Originally a pianist with no true intentions of singing, it was another form of adversity that inspired Ezra to find his vocal range. A water skiing accident that had the potential to turn fatal had left this lifetime musician without the ability to express himself through the keys, and through this a new passion was born. Considering what Ezra has achieved since beginning on this new path, it's safe to say that the decision was definitely the right one. Having amassed over 4.5 million streams before the release of Cheap Therapy, and being a finalist on season one of The Launch just to name a couple of those accolades, Ezra continues to pave a path that he once never saw himself embarking on! Ezra Jordan joins the DTP to discuss finding his voice while recovering from an injury, what he learned from his time on The Launch, and the growth that came with ‘Cheap Therapy’ Follow Desert Tiger on , ,

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