Raina Krangle's talks recovering from mild TBI, and her dreamy new song 'My Beautiful Dear'


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Raised in a musical family, crafting songs has always been an important aspect of Raina Krangle’s life. The singer-songwriter has released an album of children’s music dedicated to her son in 2008, as well as an album of much more personal material entitled ‘Solstice’ in 2012. Recently though, Raina has learned just how far music can reach, and just how much it can heal, as a recent at work injury left this teacher with a mild traumatic brain injury. Using yoga, nature walks, journaling, meditation, music therapy, and studying music’s effects on the brain, Raina began to create new songs to help her express her healing process as well as her dreams. One of those sleep driven visions was the fuel for her most recent single ‘My Beautiful Dear’, it left her scrambling to remember as much as she could, and then became a homage to her parents 50+ year relationship. A wonderfully built song that will move your heart, and maybe even your tear ducts, ‘My Beautiful Dear’ is the first track from Raina’s upcoming 8 track project ‘Headbangers - A Musical Recovery From Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’, that will also also include a collection of memories and treasures to connect the listener with Raina’s journey of healing! Raina Krangle joins the DTP to talk about how a dinosaur inspired her children's album, her path of recovery, and her new latest song ‘My Beautiful Dear’!

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