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Anne van Lieren is a service designer and behavior design enthusiast. We talk about her path to joining Livework in the Netherlands as a service designer, where service design and behavioral design are converging, examples from her work, and what happens when you add behavioral design to journey mapping.

Anne discusses her path to Livework with Dawan Stanford, your podcast host. She started working part-time through Livework through the University of the Netherlands and eventually started working at Livework Design full time. Anne worked on numerous projects, including helping organizations to adopt design principles and practices, and innovation projects optimizing current client services or building new service pathways.

Show Summary

With her bachelor’s degree in design from the University of the Netherlands, Anne moved on to Strategic Project Design, which was mostly focused on Service Design. While working on many user research projects, she developed an interest in psychology and behavior, and in understanding why people behave in specific ways. So, she decided to start looking into behavioral science and how this applied to service design.

Find out how Anne bridges the understanding gap for clients within the context of mindset, why she believes experiences are the key to training her client’s mental mindset, and why she focuses on the human-centered mindset. Learn how Anne teaches her clients to be more collaborative, think across departments and stakeholders, and encourages companies to be more experimental.

Learn how Anne:

  • Uses situation-specific prototypes for solutions in the workplace
  • Teaches companies how to use new and existing tools for design
  • Works with creative agility and the positive design that results from working the creative mental muscle
  • Specifies the types of mindsets she focuses on in the context of experimental experiences with her clients
  • Deals with the expectations of clients looking for solid answers
  • Frames the dynamics involved in the design thinking process
  • Incorporates behavioral design in the design thinking process to influence others in their behavior
  • Builds and designs co-design workshops

Our Guest’s Bio

Anne is a service designer and behavioral expert at Livework Studio. She leverages insights from behavioral science and Livework’s expertise in service design to create environments that make customers aware, active, and able to make better decisions. By fundamentally understanding behavior and designing behavioral interventions, she helps organizations to create a durable impact on behavior change. Her research into nudging was published at a major international conference on design research.

Show Highlights

[02:27] Anne’s path to becoming a service designer.

[03:30] How Anne’s journey took her to working with Livework Design.

[05:01] What process does Anne implement to assist clients in understanding mindset?

[06:38] Anne speaks about creative agility — the creative mental muscle.

[12:12] The source for Anne’s enthusiasm for design based on working with her students on design projects.

[13:52] How incorporating behavioral science basics is beneficial for design thinking.

[16:51] An emotional hot state example and how to design more thoughtful interaction with nudges..

[19:55] Nudges and rational overrides in the context of behavioral science.

[22:31] Negotiations on the delivery side and how Anne handles this conversation.

[24:17] Building and designing co-design workshops.

[27:00] Advice Anne gives for others building co-design workshops.

[29:52] How Anne started using journey maps during her thesis.

[33:31] Anne’s prediction for service design’s future and role.

[36:32] Working on difficult social issues.


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Recommended Books: Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Cass Sunstein & Richard Thaler

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