Episode #19: Omega Station


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It's over. After eight episodes of angst, corruption, and lots of head-scratching, the second season of True Detective ?has come to an end. But did it go out on a high note? This week, Charlie and Andrew discuss the second season finale, "Omega Station." Does it do a good job of setting up an engaging dynamic between the two central couples? Is the show racist, or just crafting a racist character? Does Ray's fate make any sense at all? Are the final moments emotionally manipulative? And did Pizzolatto succeed in going full Oedipus Rex? Tune in for a conversation about all that and more, plus listener feedback.
0:25 - Intro
4:10 - Overall thoughts on the episode
8:35 - The opening scene with Ray and Ani
15:25 - The Frank/Jordan dynamic
23:55 - Leonard, Erica, and going full Oedipus
38:30 - Is this show racist?
42:05 - Stealing the money
44:30 - Ray's demise and why it's stupid
53:24 - Frank's fatal flaw
1:01:10 - The paternity test and emotional manipulation
1:07:00 - The final scene, Nails, and more on Ray
1:13:15 - Felicia has stuff to do
1:18:15 - Listener feedback
1:22:08 - Show close
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