Dice Tower Now 722: March 1, 2021


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This episode, Stardew Valley takes over the podcast, several big titles get new editions, Red Raven Games gets a documentary, and Hasbro allows Wizards of the Coast to share IPs.


  • Dice Tower East 2021 cancels.
  • "Secrets of the Order" expansion for "Arkham Horror 3E" detailed.
  • "Ride the Rails: Australia & Canada" expansion coming from Capstone.
  • Four new announcements from Funko.
  • "Rat Queens" board game coming from Deep Water Games.
  • Crafting Arzium documentary on Kickstarter.
  • "Ragnarocks" coming from "Santorini" designer and Grey Fox Games.
  • Hasbro restructures and "Magic the Gathering" getting licensed IPs.
  • "Meeples and Monsters" coming from Ole Steiness and AEG.
  • "Suburbia (Second Edition)" coming from Bezier.
  • "Everdell" expansions "Newleaf" and "Mistwood" detailed.
  • Gamefound announces "Robinson Crusoe Collectors Edition" and "Skyrim" board game.
  • "Stardew Valley: The Board Game" announced.



  • Stardew Valley: The Board Game
  • Alien: Fate of the Nostromo
  • Everdell
  • Sleeping Gods
  • City of the Big Shoulders
  • Great Western Trail
  • Tiny Epic Dungeons
  • Root: Marauders
  • Radlands


  • Stardew Valley: The Board Game
  • Tak 2nd Edition
  • X-Men Mutant Insurrection from Fantasy Flight
  • Code 3 plus Expansions
  • Crisis Deluxe Edition
  • Royal Visit from IELLO


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