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Another Wednesday, another new DIE-ALOGUE episode about cults. We are joined today by a wonderful professor, author, expert and sociologist, Dr. Janja Lalich. Dr. Lalich unwittingly joined a political cult in the 1970's and spent over 10 years crushed by the group's grip. She finally broke free and set about the long road to recovery. Once healed, she wanted to dedicate her professional energy to education around cults and did so as a professor, a consultant, and still consults now, even when she could comfortably retire. She is constantly called upon to help family members or former cult members, including Catherine and India Oxenberg, as seen on HBO's The Vow.

Dr. Lalich helps us understand the concept of "bounded choice," and why she prefers that term over brainwashing. You can find a book she wrote (one of many!) on the subject here, as well as her website which is a wonderful resource. I am grateful for her time as she is doing interviews all the time these days- not a coincidence as we discuss! Find out why the pandemic is the perfect breeding ground for cults and what she thinks about Q Anon.

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