26. How can HR be a Catalyst for Change? Interview with Stela Lupushor, Chief Reframer at Reframe.Work


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We in HR have heard it all. We are slow. We focus too much on the tactical. We can't think strategically. We are all about risk management. We get in the way of progress. We can't be analytical. We need to be broken into two or even blown up, not my words, but those of my guest for this episode Stela Lupushor.

Like me, Stela believes that we are at an exciting juncture for HR and that the planets are aligning for HR to change the many misconceptions about the function and how that by harnessing data, mindset and human centred design HR really can be a catalyst for change. Stela describes herself as a geek by training, a consultant at heart and an entrepreneur in character.

Having previously held people analytics roles at companies like IBM, Fidelity Investments, and TIAA. Stela is now on a mission to humanise the workplace, empowering greatness one woman at a time. I've known Stela for a few years, and her expertise covers many fields, including people analytics, diversity and inclusion, HR technology and employee experience.

In our conversation, Stela and I discuss:

  • How human centred design can deliver improved business outcomes and a better workforce experience, and how it's helping drive initiatives in areas such as diversity and inclusion
  • The challenges and opportunities for people analytics and what lies ahead for the field
  • The New York strategic HR analytics meetup group, which Stela co-organises, and which by my estimation at 2000 members is the largest people analytics meetup group on the planet
  • We also look into the crystal ball as we do with all our guests and ponder what the role of HR will be in 2025.

This episode is a must listen for anyone in an HR leadership or people analytics role as well as anyone interested in how HR programs and people data can drive business outcomes, a better and more inclusive culture, and employee experience.

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